Navigating Data Management Benchmarks with Pellustro

EDM Council just released its latest 2017 industry benchmarks based on DCAM. You can access the report in pdf form from EDM Council’s website. Current Pellustro customers who have subscribed to EDM benchmarks already have access both 2017 and 2015 benchmark data … Read More

Pellustro and the Art of Delegation

One of the critical challenges with performing assessments involving senior stakeholders is finding time on their calendars as well as getting them to score or respond to each part of the assessments. Consulting firms get around this through interviews and … Read More

DCAM Data Management Benchmark 2015 results in Pellustro

2015 DCAM Data Management Industry Survey Results Now Available In Pellustro

Data from the EDM Council’s 2015 Data Management Industry Survey that was based on the EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Model (DCAM) can now be accessed and analyzed at no cost in PellustroTM – Element22’s cloud-based platform for DCAM assessments … Read More