DCAM Data Management Benchmark 2015 results in Pellustro

Data from the EDM Council’s 2015 Data Management Industry Survey that was based on the EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Model (DCAM) can now be accessed and analyzed at no cost in PellustroTM – Element22’s cloud-based platform for DCAM assessments and benchmarking.

Follow this link https://benchmark.pellustro.com/#/campaigns/dcam to access the results of the survey.

Within PellustroTM you will be able to:

  • Filter and compare results
    • by region, tier and firm type
    • based on the state of data governance, age of data management program, data management drivers and where data management program resides
    • by participant role or title
  • Visualize responses in multiple charts as well as web based pivot table and heat maps

The results of the survey provide the first baseline of the state of data management within the financial services industry. With DCAM and this benchmark, the EDM Council ensures consistent measurement of data management programs, enabling firms to compare themselves with the industry, peers or any other grouping listed above.

Existing Pellustro clients have full access to premium features and can already benchmark their capability against the state of the industry with their existing accounts.

New users have the opportunity to upgrade from the free access to the EDM Council benchmarking results to perform their own DCAM Sentiment and Capability Assessments and compare their scores with the industry and custom peer groups.

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About Rohit Mathur

Rohit is an experienced technologist with over 20 years of experience in building software & service solutions for products focused on enterprise data while working with some of the largest broker-dealers, asset managers, outsourcing vendors, and niche ISVs. At Element22, Rohit focuses on conceptualizing and building IP solutions (Pellustro, DQI) that help firms simplify management & measurement of data management infrastructure. Rohit also has deep interest in MDM, BPM, ESB, MAchine Learning, Cloud, Microservices related technologies and KYC, Enterprise Data domains.

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