One of the critical challenges with performing assessments involving senior stakeholders is finding time on their calendars as well as getting them to score or respond to each part of the assessments. Consulting firms get around this through interviews and workshops in which the teams scribe all inputs and try to translate that into overall scores.

With Pellustro, the process of scoring and providing inputs moves directly to each participating stakeholders which is powerful since the results can then be sliced and analyzed by each participant’s specific view and not just in aggregation.

This however poses challenge with the senior stakeholders pressed for time required to participate and complete such assessments esp. if a consulting firm was hired and the expectation was of the consulting firm to capture each stakeholder’s inputs – scores, comments etc within the tool.

We heard the feedback from our clients and have now added ability to delegate responding to identified users.

  • The Managers of the assessment can identify set of users who can act on behalf of the participants.
  • Specific participant / stakeholder response can be delegated to an identified user. These delegate users are not considered as participants but only as proxy to the actual stakeholder.
  • The assessment appears on the assigned dashboard of both the participant and the delegate with clear identification of the delegation. This ensures complete transparency and control over response to the original participant.

Manage - Assign Delegate

Now whether you are a consulting firm engaged to perform assessments or internal team assigned to get inputs across senior stakeholders, Pellustro makes the process easy and transparent.

Pellustro is a cloud based assessment and benchmarking platform used for maturity assessments, capability assessments, degree of compliance assessments, sentiment assessments and scorecards. You can request a demo through our main page or dropping a line at sales (at)

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About Rohit Mathur

Rohit is an experienced technologist with over 20 years of experience in building software & service solutions for products focused on enterprise data while working with some of the largest broker-dealers, asset managers, outsourcing vendors, and niche ISVs. At Element22, Rohit focuses on conceptualizing and building IP solutions (Pellustro, DQI) that help firms simplify management & measurement of data management infrastructure. Rohit also has deep interest in MDM, BPM, ESB, MAchine Learning, Cloud, Microservices related technologies and KYC, Enterprise Data domains.

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