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pellustro is an innovative platform that provides collective intelligence based on the opinions
and expertise of relevant participants from within and beyond your organization

pellustro \pe-lus-tro\ latin for survey 

Harness Community Insights
to make better decisions


Institutionalized benchmarking

Ability to view results of multiple assessments over time or across business groups and stakeholders to get comparative benchmarks that can be continuously measured and reported with consistency and complete audit trail.
Pellustro also offers the ability to benchmark your assessments against industry peer groups on-demand as well as through access to the growing benchmark repository of Pellustro.

Institutionalized benchmarking

Side-by-side comparisons

View & compare results side-by-side by organization filters, organization unit filters, organization taxonomy and participants profile to measure the degree to relationship between the model or category and internal functions vis-a-vis other functions.

Side-by-side comparisons

Web pivots

Enable data exploration and analysis by turning the assessment dataset into a summary table. Drag’n’drop feature allows user to slice-n-dice the summary table into pivots.

Web pivots

Response delegation

Assessment coordinators can assign another user to work on the assessment if the participant is unavailable or busy.


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Data Management Maturity Assessments - Are we there yet?
    With growing regulatory demands for accurate reporting (e.g. BCBS 239) and executive focus on managing enterprise information to transform client experience and drive corporate performance and control, understanding your firm’s true data management capabilities has never been more important.
    Pellustro offers an out-of-the-box model for assessing and benchmarking enterprise data management capabilities according to the EDM Council’s standards for the Financial Services Industry.

  • Understand your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks related to data management
  • Benchmark your firm’s capabilities against best practices
  • Benchmark your progress over time
  • Create customizable reports that pinpoint strengths and areas for development
  • Receive prioritized and actionable recommendations from industry experts
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Critical Data Element Selection
    Criteria to select Critical Data Elements that have a significant business impact has to be objective and well defined, and views and opinions of all stakeholders during the selection process have to be taken into account. Financial institutions are increasingly required to identify data that is vital to the controlled operation of their businesses and establish procedures for managing and reporting on their quality. This can be a complex and cumbersome process that must be performed consistently across business lines and updated periodically.
    Pellustro offers pre-defined templates for selection of Critical Data Elements (CDE) based on business line and corporate function needs, regulatory and external requirements.

  • Establish formal criteria for CDE selection
  • Provide a list of CDE candidates
  • Manage collaborative process of selecting CDEs
  • Extensive reporting on selected CDEs
  • Export of CDEs information into dictionaries, glossaries and meta data repositories
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Sentiment Analysis - What are you thinking?
    Understanding the opinions and perceptions of your stakeholders can help to hone communications, training, and investment decisions and is critical to successful change programs.

    Pellustro makes tapping the pulse of stakeholders and influencers simple and provides out-of-the box tools for capturing this valuable input in real-time and over time.
  • Capture stakeholder perceptions of data quality
  • Capture stakeholder perceptions of data management maturity and capability
  • Capture stakeholder perceptions of change programs
  • Compare perceptions to reality to focus communications, training and investments where they are needed most
  • Capture real-time opinions from stakeholders and experts on topics of your choice
  • Check organizational awareness and adoption of new initiatives
  • Engage communities of employees to rate ideas and proposals

Platform Capability

Enterprise enabled

Access industry standard models ,Create your own or customize existing models to  cater your needs

Device independence

Access the platform’s responsive user interface over any device for a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, phones.

Open api, reporting & integration

Secure AWS based infrastructure On demand scaling Restful APIs Open data to allow export to other systems.

Real time analytics

Interactive drill-down visualizations, Comprehensive filters for detailed analytics Excel with pivots for reporting Download charts for use in presentations

Cloud based

No installations or IT support with secure infrastructure that scales transparently per your needs.

The Pellustro platform enables deep, powerful insight to individuals responsible to help organizations’ catapult to the next level – by providing insight, comparison and measurement for any important area such as enterprise data management. Coupled with an intuitive, easy to use interface, companies can gather an incredible amount of data, quickly get a pulse on the current state of key capabilities against industry benchmarks, and make informed decisions on improvements to achieve best in class status.

Clare Cunniffe

Pellustro provides an easy way to facilitate the capture of DCAM assessment input and contains robust report out functionality, allowing users to see the responses in a variety of ways.

Managing Director - Data Governance
Tier 1 Wealth Management Firm

The Pellustro platform, relative to our Data Management Policy Governance process, gives us a clear and comprehensive way of communicating the progress and status of our Data Program implementation and Maturity. We also see the Platform and its IP as a strategic Cog in our overall Enterprise level management,Reporting and communications of our Policies (Not just Data Policies).

Data Governance Group Lead
Tier 1 Universal Bank

Pellustro provides critical, foundational functionality required to assess a firm’s data management capabilities when initiating and/or running an EDM program. It’s simple and intuitive. Pellustro enables the EDM team to efficiently create and conduct an assessment based on their needs. The results are immediately available and easily analyzed. We were able to complete a broad and deep assessment using the Pellustro platform in a condensed period of time.

Head of Enterprise Data Group
Financial Industry Utility


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